Having an assistant means having someone else on your team. Someone in whom you have the utmost confidence, who is involved and informed and is there when you need to bounce ideas around.
In addition to the day to day control of diary, travel management and other arrangements, they are able to deal with the more routine issues that arrive in your inbox, and you trust their judgement to address these matters on your behalf.
At times it also means having a conscience – someone to remind you of the things you should be doing even though they may not be top of your priority list!
Need a mentor, but not sure where to start? It’s likely you already know people in the extensive list of contacts you’ve gathered throughout your executive career. If not, they are likely networked with some of our contacts – well within reach.
So many headhunters, so little time? We’ve got your back.
board-assist is interested in understanding you and your needs, a true partnership.
Click through our range of service levels to find the one most suited your needs.


Understanding the cyclical nature of the Board year, we realise there are going to be some months where you will need more support than others.
Offering fee-based service levels enables you to financially plan for the support you need across the year, with the option to either pick up additional days via project-assist, or swapping to one of our more intensive offerings if you find you need it.