Your NED career is out of its infancy and you’ve now taken on another Board or two. That or you’ve realised that you have a lot of time to spare so you decide it’s time for some research to be done into that round the world trip you’ve been promising yourself but never had time for in your later exec career. silver-assist is the level of support for you, offering you two days per month.
Taking into consideration the cyclical nature of NED life, there are months {such as results or AGM times} where you will require more than your average support ~ balanced out by quieter months {usually around summer vacation}.
As with all of our service offerings, once we realise the rhythm of your needs we can adjust your support accordingly. If you find you are needing more than silver-assist, we can look at amending your level of support or providing additional ad-hoc support via project-assist.
Contact us for information about our fee structure.